Trip Dog

last year

Hello peeps,

It is time for another post here on the smoke network. Been too long already, as an active procrastinator it's always hard to deliver😳

I use mirrorly (an app on the Iphone) a lot to mess with earlier work. And see what comes out of it. Freaky shit most of the time! So I did this with the edited picture which I used on one of the three entries of the “SMOKE.Io Promotional Art Contest”.

There are always hidden entities to find in mirrored pictures. Especially pictures of nature. This time I found this really Cool relaxed dog looking kinda fella. A wise one, I call him “Trip dog”.

I intended to show the original picture but I cannot find it anymore😢
Sorry, I am very chaotic. When I am working I am in a state of trance flying through pictures, projects, apps and what have you. And when I try to find something a week later is pretty hard..

Well, l I did my best but can’t find it anymore. I know it was a picture of either Pixabay, Pexels or unsplash. My favorite sources of free to use pictures.

And ofcourse I am also addictive(addiction is my middle name) to the positive feedback loop, so feel totally free to comment, upvote and resmoke this! Much appreciated 😍!

Until next time(I hope sooner then one week) fellow smokers!

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very cool!


Thank you!

  ·  last year

Love the trip dog, very nicely done. Inspiring.


Thank you!