Some art and thoughts

2 years ago

Just got an idea. I have ideas all the time. The problem is too many ideas and too little time to do any of them. Not good. So one thing is that I need to write more stuff. Because, well it’s important to express your feelings. Whatever. Just need to write a post for The Cannabis Platform !! Yes! So what is this idea? I am gonna speed write. Every day 10 minutes of writing. Just writing. See what comes up. Freewriting as you will.

So I am spending a lot of time reading and watching the content. And the discussions. And keep thinking I need to get some posts going on. Don’t wanna miss out. I see all these smoke flowing around. In one big circle.

So I feel like I am not really allowed to just post some of my digital art. Writing comes in again.

Today its Sunday and I am about to get a new supply of the magic plant. I bought 5 grams on Monday. So no more one week with 5 grams. Whooo well I quit drinking about a week ago. So smoking some more weed I guess. Compensate. I wonder sometimes how it would be to just be sober all the time. Is it better? Is it a vicious loop we are in? Who knows. Only one way to find out I guess. Tried it a couple of years ago. Even went Vegan for one whole week. Did not have the experience which I was told I would get. Didn’t start glowing. Hmmm, maybe one week is not enough. Who knows. Fact remains that a drugs free life is not my thing. Yet…..

That were the first 10 minutes of free writing. Unedited raw! Now I must have the guts to post it!

The fact that you are reading this means I did it. Showed some balls, and got it out there. On the Blockchain!

And now some digital art.


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Hey @pacolimited great idea on a ten minute free write!! I feel that's a great way for us to get to know the artist behind the screen! Hope you are well🤗 I love your art! Look forward to more!


Thank you! Gonna try to do it every day. Or wait, there is no try, Do!


Exactly! Keep up the great work!

@unnamed is right on...excellent art pieces. Keep them coming for real.


Thanks! Will do.

Art is welcome, cannabis related art tends to be rather well rewarded too.

This is cool art and a definite change from what we usually see as as style. Keep it up and coming! 🦇



Never seen anything like this.



Awesome work here.


Thank you Offgrid

Lovely arts, pure and catchy graphics .. i love them


Thank you!!

Some wicked looking buds there mate, Lol. Great artwork looks amazing, thanks for sharing, bong on bro. :-)


Thanks! Will Bowl on.

Can you share this with us on discord and if we can use it too for promotional activities for smoke?




Yes sure.