We need a Smoke.io Shop and Smoke Stable Dollar pegged to $1 USD

in #art
6 months ago

I think it’s time we have a Smoke Stable Dollar .... pegged to $ 1 USD

Maybe a Smoke-Engine where we can easily swap Smoke for dollars ?

Then we can have a Smoke Shop where we actually buy and sell stuff..... why not ?
Like Smoke hats, shirts, etc etc

Make your own Smoke.io Trucker hats on Zazzle.com... Does anyone have high quality Smoke.io Vector Art that we could use to create Smoke Promotional T-shirt’s, hats, etc ?

Zazzle: Smoke.io Trucker hat https://www.zazzle.com/z/1hhru?rf=238028561374777451


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I actually created a bunch of Swag where I was going to do a store and I didn't have the money at the time so I tabled it I should really revive that because I got some really cool designs already made up


Just create one on https://zazzle.com .... you create the design, they make it, ship it and you make whatever % you want ....

That sounds like a great idea!


Maybe I will just build one.....


I guess I will have to just create my own SPuD .... Smoke Pegged US Dollar... .... and people can send me USD $$$ via PayPal.

SBD are not pegged to the Dollar, but to the Steem price. It is the same fraud as bitUSD.

Because of this problem, we created HONEST.USD.

And by the way we have also BTC:

More information:


Awesome, thanks,