Sunday Morning Coffee and Cookies Painting Session in the Garden.

in #art
7 months ago

Sunday Morning Painting Session with Coffee and Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies) in the Micro Herb Garden.

Girl Scout Cookies from MyKush.... 28% THC ... I can only have very little mixed with my Freedom Dream or Charlotte’s Web high CBD nugs.







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I was gonna grow some girlscout cookies myself the last time I was growing, but before I got around to germinate the seeds I had to move out of that place. Its the kind of strain I have only read about. We seldom get American strains like that over here in Norway. You won't really find strains like that in Amsterdam or Christiania either. How is the strain in your words? I guess its famous for a reason 😁


It is very powerful stuff. 28% THC .... I don't have a very good high myself with large amounts of THC ... but the high concentration of THC means it will last me a very very long time. I only need to add a very small amount to my Charlotte’s Web to activate the CBD to make me mellow and very relaxed.

good morning ))))


Good Morning from Canada. Another Great day to be indoors painting in the garden.

Satisfaction on!

Really like your camping jug or cup...


Thanks ... yeah ... all my favourite things. My painting area is super crowded. Now it is also a garden.

Good smoke :-)


Delicious. So many different aromas in these buds.

I'm really digging these pictures! Have you tried the strain Cherry Wine? It's one of my favorites for high CBD content.


Thanks. No.... I will have to look for some. Always looking for new high CBD to try.