Couch Lock with Lola Kush - My Latest Quarantine2020 ink sketch

last year

This is my latest Lockdown ink sketch of Lola ....

Lola is literally stuck in da couch... looking out the window, watching all the people walking by. We need to wait until there are fewer people outside since everyone wants to stop and talk to her. She is very Social.

She doesn’t understand what is happening and is spending more time in the backyard these days ... that’s ok, the song birds are coming back to the Apple trees to keep her company.


These are my steps...

Step 1: Draw a quick outline to place Lola on the page.


Step 2: Add details and begin to sketch her fur...


Step 3: add more details, shading and shadows...



This is the photo I sketched from...


Time to order more Lola Indica : This indica-dominant strain produces flowers with a tight, dense structure and a radiant milky emerald hue. Floral, tangy and fresh. Relaxing and calming with mild sedative properties.


THC Content: 14 - 20%
CBD Content: 0%
Terpenes: Caryophyllene (Hoppy), Myrcene (Earthy/Musky), Alpha Bisabolol (Floral)
Effect: Calm



Stay safe out there. May we find a cure quickly.

#kush #lola #indica

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Your pen sketches are really good! Especially the Star Wars images.

Request: Boba Fett with my username.

I would be willing to part with some SMOKE.


Thanks. I’ll give that a try..... just the helmet. ? Do you have a particular photo ?


Something with the side profile.


Ok... will do one on the weekend. You want @relaylogix text on bottom ?


That’d be awesome!


Ink Sketch Timelapse video...

Created for @relaylogix


You're really good with the pencil!


Thanks. This is made with a ball point pen.


Even better! LOL

great drawing, you've somehow captured all that suspense. :)