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8 months ago

Some Grass Roots Guerilla Marketing Strategies for ...

What is guerrilla marketing ?

Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results. ... Guerrilla marketing is often ideal for small businesses that need to reach a large audience without breaking the bank.

No money ? No problem ....

I’m Going to print a few of these to place on some of the bulletin boards in Coffee Shops .... see how it goes. Will cut along the lines and track how many are taken over the days and weeks.

I know that there is still an issue with Cannabis in many places here in Canada but there is a lot of interest in CBD as medicine and hemp as a growth crop to save the Planet. People should learn that you need a little THC to activate the CBD.... we could educate and dispel the fears of THC. could become a place of Science and High Learning, as well as recreation, and uncontrollable laughter, and munchies and fun. The crypto Is just a bonus, the icing on the cake.

Let’s make the place to go for learning about the benefits of Hemp / Cannabis..... CBD and THC.


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cool, good idea 👍


I will try Starbucks 1st, then a few other local coffee shops and Natural Food Markets. Everyone has a bulletin board these days.


There are a few places downtown that always smell dank .... I will post some in those areas also....


This is a Smoke,io Grass Roots Movement .... Guerilla Marketing techniques.

That’s great


We will see how long they last....