I made a tune - "Low Urge" (Intelligent Electronic Music)

7 months ago

Hi all,

If you're into avant-garde electronic music, check out my new tune "Low Urge" I finished making this week.


If you produce electronic music, feel free to reply with your soundcloud link.

#music #edm #idm #electronicmusic #musicproduction #newtune #soundcloud

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Awesome.... followed you on SoundCloud..... I play guitar and sing when I’m stoned. It’s fun to listen to the next day. https://soundcloud.com/user-463004292/molly-and-dan

What kinda daw do you use to produce your music in @nosegrindstoned?


Mostly Reason or Cubase. Renoise for glitchy stuff.


Alrighty, you have an Ableton boy over here 👋


Abelton Live is a massive favorite of mine as well. I was using it a lot when I was DJing, and I'd use it to remix live. I haven't used it much since I stopped DJing.

I can dig it. You should check out dSound as well. It's on the Steem blockchain and could definitely stand to have more good music uploaded to it.


I've never been able to log into dsound. I have a steemit account, but logging into dsound never seems to work.