Promoting Smoke - Design 4 (GIF)

in #art
10 months ago

Promoting Smoke With GIF's

Hi everybody! I just finished making another promo GIF for

I decided to put the original photo from Pixabay underneath the
GIF so you can see what you can do with a program like photoshop.

You may have to downsize the GIF in order for it to work properly.
Otherwise you will see a triangle with a exclamation mark inside of it.

As always . . . feel free to use the GIF on your social media profiles!  ❤

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Very cool Thanks MJ I love me some Gifs!


Thanks! They are a lot of extra work but I always luv the results ❤

It is nice!



Beautiful! Can I ask what app you use? Only photoshop? I've been playing with one called pixaloop, and it has been pretty fun.


Hi mjgeeks! Yep . . . I just use photoshop. I use the version that came out in 2014. I'll have to check out pixaloop!

Wow this design are so cool and awesome, thanks for promoting smokenetwork with your design, on behalf of smokenetwork I say a big thank you sir



Very nice! I really like this one


Thanks gingerninja! I like the way it came out too.

Love those trippy stuff...