What are the consequences of Smoking cannabis?

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Duration of mental disorders from Smoking cannabis, usually from a few hours to 36 hours. During these disorders, the smoker of cannabis may have anxiety and panic, a sense of distortion of the world, a violation of perceptions in the form of illusions and hallucinations, paranoid delusions. 


 Smoking cannabis and schizophrenia 


Swedish scientists for 15 years were working to identify the effects of Smoking cannabis, and found that schizophrenia is 6 times more likely to occur in smokers of cannabis. In the same cannabis smokers who have a predisposition to this disease, it occurred in almost everyone. Also, scientists have noticed that Smoking cannabis causes apathy, lethargy, thinking disorders, obsessive fears, “emotional stupidity”, depression and a sense of “meaninglessness of life.” Develops "amotivation syndrome", but some doctors take it for schizophrenia. 


 Cognitive impairment - effects of Smoking cannabis 


In one carefully executed study by Block and Ghoneim (1993), it was found that individuals Smoking cannabis had noticeable impairment in the reproduction of memorized material (Bushke test), speech and mathematical abilities - compared to the control group. In persons who quit Smoking cannabis from 6 months to 3 years, continued attention deficit, violation of short-term memory. 


 The respiratory system and the dangers of Smoking cannabis 


The greatest harm of Smoking cannabis causes respiratory. The hazardous substances contained in hemp smoke (resins, vegetable microfibers, more than 4,000 combustion products) can cause not only chronic obstructive bronchitis and emphysema, but also lung cancer. 


 Smoking cannabis harms the human reproductive system 


Intoxication caused by Smoking cannabis adversely affects the number of sperm, mobility and vitality – these are all causes of infertility. Also Smoking cannabis has a negative impact on the hormonal background in women Smoking cannabis is a violation of the menstrual cycle. Smoking cannabis during pregnancy leads to the birth of a child with insufficient weight, restless, excitable with weakened natural reflexes "fetal cannabis syndrome" - a child is born with a disturbed psyche. 


 Smoking cannabis causes social apathy 


Apathy resulting from Smoking cannabis also impedes social development. It does not allow sufficient effort to be made to obtain education and to carry out its work effectively, which can lead not only to a slowdown, but also to the destruction of a career. On the other hand, the same apathy prevents to monitor their health and appearance, which greatly complicates interpersonal (including family) relations. 


 Smoking cannabis leads to infantilism 


Hemp contains psychoactive substances that get into the blood of a person when Smoking and spread throughout the body, in addition, these substances have a great tropism to the adipose tissue of a person and are able to persist there for several months gradually returning to the blood. These psychoactive substances brighten up the real reality and reduce the subject's anxiety about the issues of his being.

I have never smoked marijuana : -) and I think it's not worth it.

Thank you who have read my small article. My name is Maria: -) Here is my photo ;-)

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Smoking high potent THC cannabis with can trigger a sense of paranoia, which can lead to an anxiety-like stress response, that's true.

However, THC and most certainly not cannabis in general ''triggers'' a psychosis or schizophrenia. It's a weird myth that's out there (and most likely based on research that is sponsored by big pharma). The same for psychedelics. A certain percentage of the population (let's say 0,02%) is schizophrenic and stress in general triggers a psychotic episode or a breakthrough.

But, it can be all kinds of stress-responses from either life itself, substance abuse or lack of sleep that actually triggers it, and it will most likely happen at some point in that person's life, who is vulnerable to is.

Then you have CBD which is a nearly non-psychoactive cannabinoid. And more and more studies have shown CBD to reduce psychotic symptoms and anxiety.

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I believe cannabis is a much healthier alternative to alcohol, It does have it's own dangers, people need to be aware of . I do feel the Prohibition of marijauna causes much more harm the drug itself. As for your claim about cannabis and birth weights. That isn't what this study seems to think. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK425751/

A scientist said this ??? It cause “emotional stupidity”