THCreativity / Part IV / Blue Monday - New Order After Joy Division

9 months ago


  • Dromsjel's work is amazing, and very trippy. His surrealist works show us that #Marijuana is a catalyst for creativity.

  • He is the perfect blend of a pop artist and a fine artist. His work is reminiscent of surrealism. The "Talented German illustrator" credits his collection of surreal illustrations to #Smoking weed.

  • He’s greatly influenced by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who challenged
    ideas about individuality and the meaning of our existence.

"For me Nietzsche was always more of an artist than a philosopher. In this book Safranski gives us a really great view of his life and how he came to all of his ideas"; Dromsjel said.


Pierre Schmidt, A.K.A. Drømsjel

  • Artist Pierre Schmidt, who signs his work as Dromsjel was born ( 1987 ) in Ruhrgebiet, and currently lives and works in Berlin.

  • He is a German Artist and illustrator that creates mind-bending imagery that combines illustration and collage techniques.

  • His Surrealist Works are often times very disturbing, but undeniably intriguing. He credits all of his inspirations to smoking #Weed, and the visualizations he gets from it.


Schmidt's Official Online Gallery

  • Many experienced smokers love to see work like this because so often it is impossible to describe some of the Euphoric Visions and thoughts had while under the influence.


  • Artists who are able to perceive this and create works of art hold a special place in the discipline, doing something that many people and artists alike are unable to do. You can view his Official Online Gallery, HERE!
Blue Monday

Blue Monday Defines New Order After Joy Division.

His detailed images of women getting, whilst high covered in flowers are trippy, beautiful, and thrilling. Schmidt describes his art as an ethereal exploration into his own psyche.

Reference & Photos / Empty Kingdom / Dromsjel /

THCreativity Series

Marijuana-Infused Art / Recycling On A Higher Level / Marijuana Smokable Art

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I agree his work is a bit disturbing /intriguing. I agree that cannabis is very inspiring for artists.

Reminds me of the funny glitch gifs people make


I like all his works and especially his great Blue Moon. He is so creative, he splices vintage photographs of well groomed ladies, turning them into bastions of surreal visions. This is real THCreativity !

Out of the box post.. and i haven't witness any art like these so far .. wonderful!!