THCreativity / Part III / Marijuana Smokable Art

11 months ago


#Cannabis & Art have a long history together, but Greenhand show us that #Marijuana can be used in different way, to make art.

Greenhand gets paid big money to roll Marijuana Smokable Art for people all around the world. He is taken into account to be the most effective joint rollers within the world and has the planet record for the largest and quickest joints rolled.

So, how much is a joint worth to you? If you literally have money to enjoy, you can get ahold of Greenhand / Facebook.


Tony Greenhand

  • He is a Professional Joint Roller from Albany, who will roll you something that costs upwards of $10,000.

  • Greenhand, which is his "Artist Name", has done well for himself. His skills are at enough of a premium that customers have flown him all over the country.

  • Greenhand has reached a point where he can roll just about anything, whether it’s his grandma fighting a tiger or a macaroni noodle riding a hot dog.

  • He is serving up spliffs to celebrities, so if you've ever had a hankering to fire up a Pikachu, a Smokable Taco or a replica of Tommy Chong's head filled with weed, feel free to Contact him.

Check out his Amazing Artistic Smokable Art / Frankenstien / The Gucci Berry / AR - 15 / Spider - Man / Pickachu / Blunt Gun - Joint Bullets / Bender / Necklace - 24K Gold / Grenade blunt and more...

Video Via YouTube

Smokable Art With Tony Greenhand

  • He Smoke & Work, with manic energy and few to no breaks, until he goes to bed again tonight.

  • His favorite joint was a realistic weed sculpture he made of Spider-Man. His largest, and most expensive, creation was a life size Watermelon filled with 4.2 pounds of #Weed that would have cost roughly $10,000 to purchase if he hadn't smoked it himself.

  • Watch How, he rolled this beast of a joint has made this 4/20 one we will never forget.

Video Via YouTube

“I want a million people to smoke these,” he says

looking up from the two-and-a-half-ounce joint sculpture he’s currently shaping, of Mike Tyson eating a smokable avocado with a smokable spoon.

“I want everybody to smoke Mike Tyson.”



Reference & Photos / Facebook / Vocativ /

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Oh hell yeah I remember that dude. I saw a video a few years back of him rolling an Ak47 automatic gun replica joint filled with the Ak47 strain if I remember correctly. The dude has a talent for rolling like Noone ever had,has or will have in my opinion.


Now that's out of the box.. Totally

Well this art can be utilized in the areas where marijuana is banned. I mean make some good looking thing out of it and no one will find out what it is and the job done.