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11 months ago


#Cannabis & Art have a long history together, but I believe the idea of using roach paper to create a mosaics out, is the most genius one. It's made from nothing but used joint papers, good times and love !
The Roach Paper Artist

  • His name is Cliff Maynard and art is what drives him. There is nothing more that he would rather do with his life than to create and grow as an artist.


  • Purely by chance, he stumbled upon a technique of using the leftover burnt paper scraps from the butts of #Marijuana joints, commonly known as Roaches to create all of the required tones and highlights in his artwork.

  • It all started, when he was a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Ironically, he was assigned to apartment number 420 in the school-sponsored housing program.


  • His roommate at the time and he were attempting to create a Fifth Generation Joint by saving thier roaches and using them to roll a second generation #joint then third generation, and so on.

  • One day in art history class thier assignment was to create a Mosaic From Bits of colored paper and he decided to try it Using The Roach Papers he had apparently been saving for just that purpose.

Video Via YouTube

The video show you the detailed artwork made from nothing but the leftover burnt paper scraps from hundreds of marijuana joint papers. Recycling on a Higher Level!

What is Roach Paper Art?

For those unfamiliar with his process here are some things you should know:

  • The last bit of a joint left over after it has been smoked is called a Roach.
  • The scrap of burnt paper after any remaining plant material has been removed is called a Roach Paper.
  • Roach Papers come in varying shades of browns & whites due to the discoloration inherent to the smoking process.
It's a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle but each "piece" represents a moment in time shared by friends. Cliff said

Video Via YouTube

  • He uses an exact-o knife to cut the papers into tiny strips and shapes and uses their variety of colors to create light and shade.

  • Layering the roach papers gives the artwork dimension and, interestingly, cheap brands give the best result.

  • To create an intricate depiction of the United States Constitution, he used roach paper donated from all 50 states.


Reference & Photos / Herban Planet / Noupe /

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