THCreativity / Part I / Marijuana-Infused Art

11 months ago


Marijuana & Art have a long history together, but the idea of using #Marijuana smoke to create images back in 2009.

Brazilian Artist Fernando de la Rocque who apparently takes the claim that #Cannabis can make you more creative pretty seriously. The artist came up with a brilliant way to turn a smoke sesh into a medium for creating art.


Rocque creates his works on paper by blowing Marijuana smoke onto his precut stencils. Openly in favor of Decriminalizing The Illegal Substance, Rocque has said of his work in the press release that:

More important than freedom to smoke marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it.


He first creates a stencil. He starts #Smoking Ganja. After Inhaling, he leans down close to the stencil and carefully blows the smoke onto the paper. Eventually, the paper takes on a yellowish-brownish stain wherever the stencil wasn’t covering the paper.


Along The Way, he has to go through as many as five joints a day to get enough smoke onto the paper. The question is how he must feel after he finishes a Marijuana-Infused Work.

That’s a pretty good pace and a Lot of Smoke. You could probably get a pretty decent high just from hanging out in his apartment during one of his weeks of work.

Video Via YouTube


Reference & Photos / Huffpost /

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Must be a lot of joints to smoke for the art to become visible, kinda gross lol


Indeed a lot of smoke is needed. He smoked five joints a day. I love his art. He is blowing smoke at the art world. He has created images of religious and political icons using pot smoke. This is Real Creativity!!!

Pretty unique one .. loved it

Super unique, I like it.


Thanks Mate / Another unique post of THCreativity Series coming soon...

Oh wow. Now that's what I call unique art.


Thanks my friend / I hope that I can give it value in the long run, while some try to hurt the system...


That's a big problem in todays society. I too hope he gets the recognition he deserves