Smoke VS Steem / FB Promotion / Follow The Raw

6 months ago


Some steemains said: Steem did not bring them happiness.
I said: that they can buy with their Steem,
Smoke & Weed and that's pretty f**king close to the real happiness!

The above was promoted in my FB Page &
My page Follow The Raw and my 3 personal FB Groups / up to 20.000 peoples /


Screenshot - 12_28_2018 , 3_20_52 PM.jpg

Smoke Promotion In FB

#facebook #promotion #smoke #life


Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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wow nice promotion continue you good job

Steem is feeding the family. I love weed but it doesn't feed anyone...

nice promotion ! :)

Great catchphrase.

The picture is awesome. Your signature is also extra awesome. I love Yin Yang. I got it even tattooed on my back. 😃

Nice work promoting smoke...
Of a true they both closed. higher percantage of my smoke was bought with my accumulated steem...

oh it's great :D resmoked !!!

That is eye catching

i like it , hahah

Since steem doesn't have a max coin, investor worried. While smoke comes with a max coin plus a sure stream of cash flows from advertisements, smoke investors feels the security and happiness...

Let's hope smoke will do a better job.