Video promotion for , Stop Motion with clay and cannabis ;) Smoker Tree !!! [13 th animation] (88)

6 months ago

good evening smoke friends

stopmotion promoting

today i changed my theme for stopmotions to promote , lately i tried to use clay ,
made a new character , the ancient smoker tree 😎🌿

he will do some magic ,and then invite people to smoke .
i added some sound effects of lighting and laughing , it was a bit time consuming .but i wanted to have some sound effect in this one ..
i hope it make you smile 😁

this stopmotion is 00:45
tap on the thumbnail to watch the video 👇



see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive

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#stopmotion #promote #cannabis #smoke

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Great job, this is awesome!


thank you 😀

Nice! his shadow on the wall is awesome too 😂


thank you 😀

I liked this a lot. It made me laugh a lot.


thanks happy to hear that @zuculuz 😁

This is very creative :) I must say also a bit spooky :P


🤗 thank you

This is excellent. Great claymation!


Thank you @lilweezy ✨ , i wanted to change the theme and i'm happy that you and smokers like it , i guess he will smoke in the next one 😎

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So dope :D


thanks @bench :D

As always Lia... it is an amazing work.. which is so time consuming... I love it!


glad to hear that ! 🔥 🌝

This is so cool! Great job


thanks so much @hashkings 🤗

Beautiful work!


thank you @jwolf ! 🤗