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2 years ago

good evening smokers

here is some new designs, i made it with my original photography of my first grow :)
add some colors with watercolor brushes of photoshop , and also different colors for their theme
hope you enjoy these colors

feel free to use

smoke liart firstdewderrgd.jpg

smoke liart firstdewderhjrg.jpg

smoke liart firstdewderfrrg.jpg

smoke liart firstdewderrg.jpg

smoke liart firstdewderrgff.jpg

smoke liart fiderstdewderrg.jpg


twitter link of previous posts , everyday i add another one to my twitter page

published in Twitter:)
Designs For Promoting Smoke.Io (239)Designs For Promoting Smoke.Io (241)
Designs For Promoting Smoke.Io (244)Designs For Promoting Smoke.Io (225)


The smoker TREE

feel free to use all these GIF





see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive

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#cannabis #life #smokenetwork #design!

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Pretty cool, any plans for your animated shorts? They were quite neat :)

Hey ??? Are you ok ? I can’t find you anywhere ?