My Digital Design For Promoting Smoke.Io (130)

3 months ago

some new designs

hi dear smokers, i made this illustration before, well i draw it with pencils, then transfered to photoshop and colored it , and today i changed it again for

i add that hand with joint ( it was a vector ) to my painting , i thought it can be fun to add it there

i hope you enjoy the illustration and colors

feel free to use








a random selection of my previous works :


if you want to have this design with your name , just let me know . 🙋🏻


see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive

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Amazing designs li.. Having some more writeups about on the images makes it pretty great and attractive for to the people out there.. @indica gave me the headup, I tried it and it was awesome.. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the gospel of the ecosystem.


yes you are right describing is better , you are great in your works ! :)

Wow, love you art. The colors you used on the first picture are my favorite :) I would certainly use it on my instagram :)


that would be great , thank you so much 🌿

its cute ! :)


thank you 🌿 :)

nice work !


thank you ! :)

She seems pregnant


need some exercise