My Digital Design For Promoting Smoke.Io (114)

7 months ago

good afternoon smokers ❤️🙋🏻

have some new designs for today , with different colors , this time i used a picture of this pipe in it , and smoke brushes in photoshop . i hope you enjoy these colors

Feel free to use










if you want to have this design with your name , just let me know . 🙋🏻

see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive

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#design #promote #cannabis

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Wow you have an awesome pipe there. Where could I get one like that ?


I know! That's the first thing that came to my head too. lol. The good old 6 shooter.


I’d be nervous that there might be lead still in the Barrel.


hihihi that is not my pipe ! just a photo ! 😂 i am looking for a pipe myself

Holy molly. The designs are beautiful. Is that a pipe of yours or did you find the photo? I am interested into getting one for myself.


holy zuculuzo 😂 come on ! you have many pipes ! and you think its my hands ? its a man ! not my picture ehehhe


I don't really differenciet those things. If If people don't leave a lasting impression on me or I don't see them more often or for a longer period I tend to forget about their exists ce all together. Don't even recognize them on the street at times if they don't call out to me first. Faces tend to blend together for me. So does body types.

It's an addiction 🤪 what can I say. 🤭


i see :-)

They are beautiful


thank you 🙋🏻

I like the last one with the woman! You should come hang out with us in the Canna-Curate server.



hi canna-curate , thank you so much , joined it 🌿🙋🏻

Dang. That pipe is insane. Is that real? yours? Talk about a time saver! haha. Great work!


thank you but nope that is not my pipe , if it was i would definitely write it ehehheh