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5 months ago

123 Anywhere St., Any City, State 12345 123-456-7890


Simply signup and wait for your account to be approved, then take a look around to see the capabilities of the platform..png

The first one is front and the second one is verso. Imagine it folded in 3.
I like it is simple, clear & with enough informations for beginners.
It is the first brochure made by me so I still have to work on it to make it perfect before I can share it on the street.


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Looks like a tourism brochure. But yes, its attractive and have a kind of heavens touch to it.


Yes, I wanted to be focus on the freedom we have on instead of the freedom we have on facebook/instagram

Can i use this? i an my friend want to go for weed evangelism in Lagos. We would like to hare this at some center where weed is legalized.


Sure you can use everything I post and you can modify it and make it better!

great work ! :)