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last year
Good morning smokers! I woke up so late today because I spend the entire night watching videos. When I looked at the window I saw it was snowing so hard.
That white color, I knew I have to do something promotional for smoke, just because I love how the white color with green color match.
The photos are taken with my phone, Samsung Edge 6, 16 megapixels and no effects added.


I know that I have to improve my editing skills! But who cares, look at that beautiful white snow.



I shared the second photo on twitter & here is the link if you want to like & retweet, it will help!


As always, @jwolf here and this is the proof. You should be here to smell this fresh air combined with the smell of a cigar.

50480644_361858297931300_706971004403974144_n (1).png

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nice pictures , and so much snowwww , beautiful 😍

what you added about dogecoin , it really works ?isn't scam?


It works, it pays, but you get like 0.2 doge per hour, only if you're lucky you can get more, but it's still free


great i am going to try it with your link

I love how the cloud-like snow hovers around the first picture, like clue nine, of sort lol


Thank you, I love that too

Nice one Jwolf. Which app do you used for that editing? I normally use picsart app for almost every editing that I do. It's a mobile app too.


I used a beginner website named online photo editor 😂