Another new photo app

5 months ago

Found another app to play with, and i got a new toy to test out this weekend. Heres a shot of one of my learning plants with some random filters on it.

This is the og phone pic ⬇️
Peace, love, and smoke friends 😁🤗💚🌲💚
#art #filters #plant

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what app is that? the top image is epic


Thank you 😁 i like it too, and there are lots of other filters i think would be cool with some more pics, this was just messing around a bit. The app is called deep art effects in the google play store, not sure if its available on the apple ecosystem, though i dont see why it wouldn't be.


Lol it wouldn’t be because apple sucks 🤦‍♂️

Still trying to find one for iOS 😅


I use PicsArt for iOS’s Free and awesome filters, effects, painting tools.


I was trying to be nice but i hate apple for their locked down ecosystem. Their way or no way 😑

pretty cool :)


Thanks. I like it, some of em were very similar but there were lots of others to play with 😁