I haven't been doing much creating...

last year

Hey there smokers!!!! I hope tonight is treating you well. It's been awhile since iIhave posted any of my creations. I haven't been doing much creating lately since I re-enrolled in school.

I decided I better do something other than sitting around and smoking all day!!! Now I smoke, educate, smoke, and repeat! LOL I am hoping to start making more unique and original banners, etc. I have downloaded a few programs and am getting familiar with them, this is what I have come up with so far.





Do you have a favorite one? Mine would have to be the #smoke-promo in the black and green! But then again, green has been one of my favorite colors, even more so now that I am here on smoke.io! These are all free to use if you choose. If there is something you would like for me to try for you, leave a comment. I love the experience.

Hope you smokers are smokin on something good! Remember to save those #roaches for #roachsunday hosted by the amazing @tecnosgirl!

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Loving the goth goes cannabis factor. :D


Thanks @unnamed the music I was listening to came through the image I suppose!

I love them. I love that psychedelic feel they have. My favorite is the third one with the Mushroom.

These look pretty cool, keep up the good work mate 👍


Thanks @indica I appreciate the encouragement😄