Functional Cannabis Glass Art from Mellow Mood & Grateful Dead Art: Local to Portland, Oregon

8 months ago


We found these incredibly unique and extremely well crafted glass skeleton cannabis water pipes (bongs) at a local glass shop called Mellow Mood. I was blown away when I saw these, and if you know anything about Grateful Dead art, then you know these skeletons fall right in line with it. These seem to have a sort of Halloween theme - there is even a grim reaper.


This thing just strait up looks like a mutant dragon that is ready to jump out from behind those bars and let you smoke out of him. The dark and light shots I took definitely give it an ominous feel.


This glass skeleton is just chillin' on his front porch by the skate sign. I imagine he is about to drop in somewhere with that tech deck looking board of his. This collection looks like it has a ton or fine tuned work it in.


This Grateful Dead United States map was hand crafted, carved, & painted. The concept looks to have major highways mapped on it, just like a real map. The red and blue on either side of the bolts is obviously representative of the colors in Grateful Dead symbolism, and painting the thirteen point lightning bolt white completes the red, white, and blue combo - which is a perfect color scheme for America map art.

The artists who created this also has crafted many similar projects of individual states, instead of the whole U.S. To my knowledge, this is the only complete U.S. wood map made by this artist in existence. A buddy of mine obtained it through a trade, and it has since been traded again to another homie I know local to the area.


And finally another Mural of the Hawthorne district in Portland, Oregon. This was was right outside of another glass and pipe shop we visited that evening called Mary Jane's. Both Mary Jane's and Mellow Mood helped promote our Constellations Tour show with AlaisClay, and hope they will continue to support our local conscious music shows in the future. In the mean time, we come around and show them a little love every once and a while.

Smoke on my bredren, and do not forget to experience the culture of cannabis, not just the flower.

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Mutant dragon or not, I would totally bong that! Although it does seem to require quite the lung capacity.

Maybe I would hit that Reaper more regularly. 🦇


Right, I would gladly hit any of them though... although the reaper is a bit of a strange thing to hit cannabis from... metaphysically speaking.


Strange is entirely subjective. Then again I never claimed nor aspired to be average, AKA vulgar or ordinary. ;)

Some very nice peices. Would love to see more close ups and reviews of trying them out sometime ;)


These are in a special glass display case in the store and also their most expensive items. I think they are there as centerpieces for customers to talk about more than they actually expect them to be sold.

If I had something like this, for sure I wouldn't be using it. It would be as new for years and years


Yea those are definitely collector's pieces for sure.

they are incredible buy them, they would be a good gift for a friend of


They are thousands of dollars, a little to rich for my blood... especially for glass. I would if I was able.