My Mandala coloring book

7 months ago

Hello my #Smoke friends!

I always joked that those who do not know how to draw become photographers or express themselves in coloring books))

You are already familiar with my photos, now it's time to share your analog #creativity with you.

When I get #high I am drawn to creativity... In this state, I often repair things, photograph or draw
And here's an example: Yesterday I smoked well and painted the patterns of mandalas the whole evening))

A relative from France sent us just such a coloring book, which we immediately liked.

Since childhood, I have been attracted to geometric shapes, because this coloring book has become a godsend for me!

I could not stop when the pattern was painted and continued to paint the top of the sheet with my motif

This pattern I got in the end!

How long have you picked colored pencils? Вo you like to draw when you high?

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