It's time for a little smoke. My picture is watercolor! Portrait.

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last year

Hi Smoke! It's time for a little smoke. My picture is watercolor!

First, when I wrote this portrait, why was I dissatisfied with the work, and did not even want to show it to anyone, but then I finally decided and added her facebook, and she everywhere was instantly lit up, in all communities for artists and just public. That's when my rating went to social networks and I wanted to draw again and again. 

Thank you all for voting! Each of your voices is very important to me! I dedicated my life to painting and a little travel. Thank you all for your support!

Guys, join me. With me, if you don’t smoke, smoke it, and if you already smoke, you will smoke more! I have something to show you  😂

Sincerely, Kristina!   ❤  

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nice one!


many thanks))

This has nothing to do with cannabis art or anything with cannabis for that fact.
And they are jsut copied from steemit

So your only here trying to earn from the reward pool again with no oginal content