My Smoke Promotion Plan #3

7 months ago

Smokeio_Visual Identity_Thumbnail.jpg

Twitter and Instagram are great platforms with millions of users across the world. Also, there are lots of cannabis lovers and blockchain lovers who also spend their time on these platforms to get useful information or to connect with other people.
Promoting the smoke network on these platforms especially through the use of designs and brief infographics could be a great way to spread the awesomeness of the smoke network.

As we all know, the smoke network is still in its early stage, and for me, it is always great to help in my own little way to get more eyeballs on the brand. So for me, I have decided to use most of these early months of 2019 to promote the platform in any way I can, especially through designs and other media works to help create awareness and get more eyeballs on the smoke brand.
As always, anything to help get more eyeballs and create awareness for the awesomeness of the smoke network is always a fantastic idea and will be of great benefit to the platform.

In this 3rd plan, I have decided to create a clean/elegant brief info graphics, with a square size aspect ratio optimized for Twitter/Instagram and can also be used to promote the platform on any other social media/blockchain media platforms.



The benefit

  • The square design is great for sharing/promoting the platform on Twitter/Instagram
  • The clean and elegant design can help attract eyeballs on the info graphics
  • The brief info graphics helps people to quickly understand what the platform is about at first glance.

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What do you think about this strategy?... I would love to read your thoughts

Have a great and wonderful day ahead.

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This is very neat and clean.

At first sight the square $ catches attention in an otherwise “very round design”. No doubt you are aware the circle background of that part has some minor errors.

Great clean design nevertheless!


Thanks alot


Thanks :) I will use it on an upcoming project to promote :)

That same question was asked ... Are these designs free to promote They are great, good job!


Anyone can use it to promote the platform

Nice plan. Like how you are organised.


Thanks a lot

Beautiful design! Can any user use this design to promote or its only for your use?


Sure... Anyone can make use of it