Designs For Smoke Promotion #171 - Digital Artboards

8 months ago


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Designs are Free! for Use

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I have an idea for an infographic and was wondering if you'd be up to the task.

Actually I'm looking for 3 of them.
#1 - An infographic outlining the signup process. Simple easy and fun looking, but packed with the information needed to signup to hassle free.

#2 - An infographic outlining how to purchase SMOKE from exchanges (Rudex atm). Again, simple easy fun - but with all the pertinent information.

#3 Infographic outlining the general use of Same simple easy format.

The information can even be left out to be filled in by myself or another if preferred.

If you are up to this task, please respond here or on discord (herbncrypto on discord aswell).

If you only want to do one, that's cool too.

I will reward each one with a hefty amount of SMOKE.


Awesome 👍


Cool idea...


are there specific informations for the infographics design?


Yes definitely.

Signup is a 4 text/image graphic with title:
How to Join

  • Go to the signup page on and enter your details. Use your real email to receive confirmation.
  • Wait for account approval - approx. 7 days
  • You will receive an email with your details. Important save your password/key!
  • Login and recieve 4.20 free SMOKE!

You are encouraged to use your creativity when creating the graphics and layout.

The purchase process will consist of 4 graphics/text

How to Purchase SMOKE

  • Signup to RuDex exchange.
  • Deposit crypto. BTS is easiest.
  • Exchange BTS for SMOKE.
  • Withdraw to your username.

General Use infographic consists of 5 graphics/text

What is special about

  • It is a cannabis-based social media platform, built on a blockchain.
  • You can post about anything cannabis anything.
  • Review different cannabis strains.
  • Curate creative cannabis content.
  • Get rewarded with crypto currency for all of it.