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6 months ago


Hello friends smokers, today I share an original drawing to promote in social networks, this is a comic that came out of my imagination while I was smoking and downloaded my inspiration on a sheet of paper. The name of the character is Pancho Smokio, I laughed that name when I thought about it and that's why it's called that. I like the tone of his eyes because he looks very doped and cool.

Used materials

Color red, green, yellow, apple green, light brown, orange, black pen and a bit of cannabis to inspire me.

Step 01


Step 02


I hope you like my inspiration, for me it is very nice to be able to share my creations with people as excellent as you, I, without anything else to add, I say goodbye until the next publication.



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Great work, keep it up! I gave you a follow to watch your progress.


perfect, thank you very much bro!

Ha, I like this. Do you mind if we share ?


Ok, you can share it, friend :)

Cool comic man, looking forwards to any others you've got 👍


Haha great, I'll be creating some, I hope you like it @indica

Looks good mate


Thank you XD

Nice one.. I like the colors :)


Yes, men, the Rasta colors are very striking, I'm glad you liked my drawing. Greetings! LOL

Very cool. Followed. Can't wait to see how the comic develops. ✌️


coming soon XD