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last year


Hello dear smokers, I hope they are having a good time, I have spent a while distanced from the networks and that is why the thing is not rosy, however I want to make a contribution of a banner I designed for the SMOKE NETWORK community.



This design expresses a bit what is cannabis with music since these two are very good and is that the grass promotes art and promotes cannabis art, both are so for which haha, you can use these designs as you come in earns since it is a contribution for you and for all in order to promote SMOKE.IO everywhere, the smoke expands little by little and as it expands it reaches more people who can perceive the smell of fresh cannabis that we harvest daily in the blockchain.

I hope you liked my contribution, remember that if you liked the content you can feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section, for me it is very nice to know what they think about my publications.

Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N by @chester.


Other Networks

You can join the discord channel of the Legalizet healing community where you can meet more smokers, promote your content and be rewarded with SMOKE.


Do not forget to support and vote for your favorite witnesses.

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Damn, that's beautiful, I miss those old tapes


Haha these things were spectacular, I also miss them a bit although I have several used in an old walkman, so much technology left them in oblivion. XD