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6 months ago


Hello smokers, what's up? How are you doing? today I'm about to arrive on the weekend and give rest to a very hard day, today I share some designs that I made for the community you mean in order to promote SMOKE NETWORK through social networks.

Desing 01


These photos are from my cannabis plant and later edited as a brochure to promote this fantastic social network.

Desing 02


Desing 03


Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N by @chester

Each day new users are added to this great social network and all this thanks to the enormous work that is done every day. For my part I created a channel in discord or a community of smoke, io in which you can promote your publications and share ideas with all the users who live in the channel.

Discord Channel

Do not forget to vote for your favorite witnesses.

Other Networks


#desing - #smoke - #art - #photography


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Awesome.. But if you could get the custom smoke text font for your designs it will speak of us better!! What I mean is, get the custom font!! So that the message and the smoke gospel will flow with the same highness!
I can get some foe you if you want!!

Just an opinion!

Your work is great though

Really good designs


It's very easy to get that friend. I can suggest you use Photoscape, it is a photo editing software that gives you the possibility to add text to the images using transaparencia in .PNG format, it is very easy to use.


OK then.. In your next design.. Try and use the custom smoke font and look how it comes out perfect..
I will check out the photoscape though I do all my designs in upgraded photoshop and COREL so I wouldn't be using mobile apps. Thanks though.


Hhaha good!!


Although you have given me an idea and is that soon I will be publishing sources in .PNG format for all. I think I'll get to work on that hehe !!


Alright.. Its is always really good when you use it.. And png images seems to be the most compatible for the internet.