My Bullet Intro - Not So Cool - Chad Not In The House!

5 months ago

My Bullet Intro - Not So Cool - Chad Not In The House!

Hi, all that's me below. :0)

Me  500 x 700.png

Me in North Wales up in the Welsh Mountains

Cold, Wet & Freezing my T-T`s off (But beautiful and a very special place, everyone should try to visit – Snowdonia National Park, I will drop some images below – really breathtaking)

First, allow me to introduce you to my bullets - then I can finish this intro and crack on with trying to add some real value. Well, I will always try too.

• Chad Stretton – married to my amazing wife who I still love after 25 years
• 4 amazing children and I am proud of every one of them
• 0 pets but puppy on its way
• Left school at 16 joined the Merchant Navy (Texaco Overseas Tankship & then on to P&O Containers 7 ish years.)
One of the best places to be through the night is onboard a ship, outside on the Bridge Wing, on watch crossing the Indian Ocean keeping watch, but you never see a ship for over a week, 2 spliffs rolled in ya sock, look up with zero light disturbance. WOW.
• Onto The North Sea Oil Fields – Oil Rigs 4 years
• And home sweet home – engaged – married – children – puppy on the way

I do have some amazing tails from the Oceans all true – just need some feedback if anyone would like me to post about them.

Thank you all.

I wanted to make this not just a normal few lined posts that I have never liked doing because number one I am not the best of writers and don`t like writing about myself, I would rather photograph and edit than writing but hey ho.... soi am going to add some of what I have a passion for below in fewer words but more photos.

Why have one great photo when you can edit it and create many.

Quackers - 2019-03-09T160308.481 (2).png

Quackers2 - 2019-03-09T160308.481 (2).png

Quackers3 - 2019-03-09T160308.481 (2).png

Quackers4 - 2019-03-09T160308.481 (2).png

Quackers5 - 2019-03-09T160308.481 (2).png

Quackers6 - 2019-03-09T160308.481 (2).png
Quackers I know but I do like to always toon my images also.

Untitled design - 2019-03-09T160308.481.png
The local pond around the corner from my house where all the Gangster Ducks Hang Out

On The Edge Of Snowdonia National Park

They are like Blue Lagoons when the sunlight shines through onto the water.


See you all in the Cloud Cookoo Land. Chad :0)

What I like to smoke and when.


Amnesia and Skunk No1

When the kids are in bed or I am ready rolled and out walking and taking photos.

How to turn into a toon(20).png

I have just started a new group over on Discord if anyone would like to pop in and promote their photos feel free.

Join Us On Discord.png

All my own images, I do sometimes post other photographers photo`s this is because I have felt something from that image I will write what I believe the approach to the shot has been taken also what it gives to me and always state image source when not your own, thank you all. happy


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Welcome, again. 🦇

Bullet points work fine. Haven’t seen Shakespeare here yet and totally don’t expect him either. Too complicated to read.

Nice area there where you live.


Thank you mate, lol, just outside Chester so feel of the countryside but really a stone throw from middle of Chester and 20 mins drive into Liverpool, Thank you mate for your great advice.


Lived in Tameside for a while, after that in Preston. Am from the continent but they used to say I had become a Lancashire boy. :D


And you decided to go North - Brilliant Better North UK than South


Yup. Arrived in London first, then had some months in Brighton (lovely place) but eventually went up north and didn’t regret it a bit. Even if Preston isn’t really the place you won’t think about to live, or Tameside when in late 20s, but if you get to know the people you often find more flair in that type of towns than in big hyper active cities.

Nice photos,and thanks for photography link.


Your most welcome mate, thank you for your comment and have a great weekend.

nice to meat you.I somehow have a feeling of deja vu...must've smoked too much..
Hope for some nice smoke spots from you..nice eye for camera...


Cheers mate, wherein are fkd up world are ya mate? lol :0)


Seems like we have met each other..


May have been on one of those walkabouts on top of some mountain somewhere lol -10 snowing horizontal rain, wind smacking us in the face and still that fkd up felt like being on a beach in Spain lol.

I love the navy a lot, my uncle was in the merchant navy before he later retired i always will tell him to snap the sea for me when i was little lol. Welcome to smoke, love your intro 👍


Hi mate, thank you Jessica, ill hunt me dolphin pictures out for ya, jumpin the bow. thank you mate

Hey man, welcome to the smoke network. What is your favourite method to consume cannabis & your favourite type of weed?


Thank you mate, great to be here thank you. I like to walk take photo `s slow down life's too fast. By Joint and my fav is Amnesia and Skunk No1 I have found I am still alive with these strains but over the years and working away tried many. My all-time best was called Kiwi Cabbage - Straight ashore when we were in Auckland, Wellington, or Port Chalmers bagged and ready to sail, I have never laughed so much on weed than smoking that loved it. never had it since and we were smoking it over a 5 year period.

Welcome to Smoke Mate!!!