Poetry: No title # 9 Unpublished poem

in #art
last year

Photo by Christopher Rusev on Unsplash.

"No one belongs to us. So, you have to enjoy it when you can,
and learn to let go when you must... "
― Anonymous

How many more lips should I kiss
To kiss your own?

How many sleepless nights should I write
To read your lyrics?

How many times do I have to watch you
To know if by chance you look at me?

I don't know what I'm feeling,
Nor is the cause of yearning to be present.

Stirred feelings,
So many other people's lips
So many foreign talks

I would like to express what you already know...

In my hidden Silence
of daring Games
to the unknown.

That we are not
Not even friends.

Of a nothing that feels everything.

Cathy Haack.
Unpublished poem

Grateful to all communities for their continued support of our Hispanic family.

I hope you liked it.
Thank you for visiting/reading me.
See you next time.


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