Poetry: no title # 11 unpublished poem

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last year

Photo by Andrik Langfield in Unsplash.

"Often the sepulchre encloses, without knowing, two hearts in the same coffin."
― Alphonse de Lamartine

I could cross borders for you,
Even though you're hit
Rumbling my thought.

However I only have this murmur of unedited words.

Imprisoned sentiment,
Where shouts are omitted,
Useless as my heart,
Still in a corner,
Empty beds.


Why did it have to be like this?

At each station,
An erroneous message,
That I'm dying,
Like Silence,

I feel for you.

Cathy Haack.
Unpublished poem

Grateful to all communities for their continued support of our Hispanic family.

I hope you liked it.
Thank you for visiting/reading me.
See you next time.


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This is not cannabis art, This is a cannabis platform and we are striving to keep it that with. Please keep the crosspost doen as well and more so on none cannabis content.


I would advise you to follow this advice if you want to succeed.
Write poems about cannabis.