#Smoke posters to #promote smoke.io network.

5 months ago

Hello smokers good afternoon🌙🌙.

I m create a little posters to promote smoke network. hope you all liked.😍👍


Thank you for coming.

#art #poster #smoke

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You should check out Canva app. While I’m not sure it would be “complicated enough” a tool to deserve many rewards or qualify as art, it’s absolutely powerful an app and can produce totally high quality social cards and more even. The learning curve is very low as well.


The app or the site: https://www.canva.com/ I use it quite often and i recommend :)


Either. Depends what device you’re on. It’s super powerful and free.

And doesn’t require to invest $6k and 7 years in learning (materials), unlike Photoshop. Sign up and get going with it. 🦇


Thank you for mention, i m beginner and doing my best.

They are awesome.. But get the smoke.io custom logo and text next time..it speaks a lot for thr community.. Keep up the good work.