New Glass Pipe

in #art
last year


Had to share this one. Never bought a pipe before. Didn't even know it was one. It was with the glass art. I make horror movies and this called to me. I will be smoking some forbidden fruit from work art and start a collect of glass art.


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That'll come in handy🤓

This is a pretty killer looking piece for sure.

Wicked lookin pipe. Makes sense you bought it if you like horrors.

wow this is cool

I can see how it fits in a hand...

That's a wicked illuminati symbol glass piece. Flashing the one-eye OK symbol, those fingers are freaky. That said, I'd smoke with it :)

Haha cool pipe 👌

Woooaa... Just imagine, you smoking in the night with this artistic yet wicked pipe and,.. and the fingers start moving..

epic design. u get to hit anyone who looks at it below your waist!

Wow that is truly a work of art! and yeah its a little creepy...

Wow wow wow. I love it! Its beautiful and stuning. That glass work and coloring scheme give it a demonic or zombie look. Is it possible to order that pipe somewhere? I collect pipes and need one like that.