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4 months ago

I felt like staying indoors today for it's been cold and wet outside. I also have some nice hashish and a rather sore lower back which twanged yesterday. Yesterday also happened to be five years to the day since I had a benign tumour/growth - bit smaller than a pingpong ball - removed from my upper shoulder (left). Possibly connected? I reckon so, in some mysterious way 😌.


So I set myself the gentle task of creating some #pagedivider images for use on the Smoke platform. I offer these #pagedividers as #resources for community members (any and all of you :) to use in their blogs should they wish. I know Skylinebuds had sent out a call for some a while ago and his page only received a couple of responses, although there also seemed to be a desire of sorts amongst some commenters to have a greater variety to choose from and use. Just to be clear, this post is not a response to his call but entirely my own initiative, although of course the two ideas are connected and I'd be delighted for him to avail himself.

All the images below are *.png files, which means that the transparency is preserved and the background colour of your page will show through the 'empty spaces'. The presiding energies directing this seemed to be minimalist and wavy, the colours largely earthy. The cover image is one I took on my windowsill this morning. and my mood has been relaxed, with chilled music and the magic herb to cushion my ever-improving backache 🌟.

Thanks for checking it out. I'm open for feedback - do you like this kind of thing? Would you encourage me to make more? Any suggestions?



"Shallow Dividers"
Image size = 1680 x 88px
2 x options @ 3 x colour variations:

Option 1:




Option 2:





"Deep Dividers"
Image size = 1680 x 174px
2 x options @ 4 x colour variations:

Option 1:





Option 2:






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