Hemp tea plus games plus new Smoke banner

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4 months ago

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I am exxxxxxxxhausssssssted, I worked the entire previous week on my online ventures. It is not just writing and pages, plus we had so much rain even my imagination is turning into an epic flooding. Need more tea lol.
I am getting used to the Zazzle and Teechip shops, getting into the coffee mugs and T-shirts. For a change, it is interesting.
I created two Rarible collectibles, by the way not for free, we have to pay minting. Aw well, why not...
I also was invited to play Blockchain Poker and crashed in nonchalant the next day when table was out. Lost all points of course, I can't remember when I last played poker. Found my old Zynga Poker profile with good grief of coins ( I wish they were crypto...) and now trying to remember how the play goes. Bought a few more Splinterland cards - evil goblin looks like something hehehe.

Cover image is free, use it as you wish.

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First of all what kind of sadist put that mana limitation shit crap garbage into the game...!!! I lost 1st game bc I couldn't make a team in time, second game ... did not lost, finally some action. Look I made a bit over zero cents haha


ahaa 😂 I love splinterlands, but it does take a bit of free time 😅


Yeah, great, you should see my face when I was like wtf ...12 mana what that eh...


ahaaa, i also don't like low mana battles!

Have to try Blockchain Poker 💚