Cannabis Art - 06 - Free Composite Posters - Original Work

in #art
last year

This is an original work I made especially for the, so everyone can use it on their post, social media snippets.... etc. It is completely free. You can add your username, remake it into your avatar, cover image for your articles here and on other websites, add logos, other parts etc...
I am sure you will find a good use for it.

For today I made a very colorful purple version. I made a few variations, but only this one, the additional variations turned out the best.

After that I wanted to try making a simple black&white posters, from my previous work and I also made an original titles for all of them. These two turned out the best in my opinion.

I also made you the transparent icon so you can use it in a more creative way.

Some of my previous work from this series is below.

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