Abstract Picture Day / Nebula

2 years ago


Hello friends ,
I started to paint aimlessly the other day, I could not stop
myself :)


The resulting picture "nebula2" I call. You may know the first. it is my favorite. I am not very successful at painting, but this is a kind of therapy for me. a great feeling to paint until my sleep after working long hours. I respect the painters friends I know on Steemit. And I try everything I can learn from them. They inspire me.

I did not know what to do before I started making this picture. But there was a canvas I had drawn and wasted. I was not willing to let him stand on the edge like that. I decided to paint it. Actually, abstract painting is not as simple as you might think. Because I painted more and more are disturbing. and everything continues to change in a puzzling way. :) ehehe :) At every step and in the brush stroke, this picture can crash. Anyway ...


I hope you enjoy it. Maybe if I were a big artist, this picture was very talked about. I'll be fine with your comments for now!
thank you :)

Ben Ceren ,

All photos , story and drawings are belongs to me. @originalcontent - @originalworks If you like my works please resteem and upvote.. Thank you for your support and valuable comments on my art.

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Keep'em coming. Love it!

beautiful abstract art <3

Awesome work