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Hello today I will show you part of my walk through the museums, part of the Museum of Fine Arts killing whimsy I hope tomorrow. I can continue killing my whim with adventure, since the temperature does not help we are in the season anymore. Cold of the year so only God and nature will know what tomorrow holds for us, I would love to have a great day tomorrow with very good weather. So that we all enjoy that it offers part of our capital city, where every week I show a part or corner of our city.



The little tolerance towards others and towards differences make this characteristic one of the greatest defects of the human being. These individuals are intransigent and full of prejudices.


Another thing that I also forgot to say in these 3 post, that when you do the first post of a series you only use the photos 15 photos of an average album of 40 is normal. Of each one you do the other 25 and if you want to edit them, that's why since I started I do it and I'll continue doing it. It seems to me a very good option for me keeps me entertained and so I do not get bored, I always have something to tell.



Fanaticism is an irrational and excessive behavior towards an idea or object. It limits much the capacity of the person to think for himself and loses the freedom. For the fanatic, his ideas are unquestionable.



Already inside the Science Museum watching these stuffed animals, so that our children know a little about them and some are scared. The youngest of the house remind me of my childhood, when I went out with my parents and sister memorable times as well. These museums with their stories and historical works of ancient art, extinct animals and with this I say goodbye full of history, enjoy these extraordinary museums that gives us our capital city Caracas Venezuela thank you very much for reading me, he loves you.

All photos were taken by me, phone and edited by Photoshop Express.>

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