Making a couple of wood pipes, part 1

6 months ago

Hello, smokers and tokers! Welcome to my page!

Reading a post by Jackdub a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about carving out a couple of wood pipes, just to see how they would come out. He had made a basic wood pipe from beech wood, and that got me thinking about carving again. Years ago, I used to carve different things, one of the main things being spoons. I got to thinking that carving a pipe isn't too different than carving a wood spoon, except for the hole that's drilled through the stem to reach the bowl. I had to go and buy a couple of new drill bits for the project, to make sure I would get cleanly drilled holes. A bit that's made specifically for drilling in wood will cut a much cleaner hole than a regular drill bit.

I decided that instead of taking a whole bunch of pictures of the process and posting them, I would make a series of videos for this project. This is the first video of the series. You won't see this video anywhere else but here on smoke, it's an unlisted youtube video.

So, light up a bowl, sit back, and watch part one of this series.

Thanks for stopping by my page to check out my post, eh!

#pipes #making-pipes #video


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Great introduction. This is all somewhat demotivating when I see the amount of tool you have around you.
Then I look at my small screw box and say, fuck it, I'll pack another one

Kudos for making it exclusive.


Thank you!
You don't really need very many tools to do this. You just need a drill with a wood bit of the right size for the hole through the stem, and a knife to carve with.

I thought this was really neat and learned about some cool wood working tools. Toke up and Check the vid out man @closetcanada


Thank you!