🎬video - Drawing with ink on paper, Dreamer Girl , girl and cannabis series 🎬🎨

3 months ago

Dreamer Girl

hi everyone , in this video i show you my new drawing , girl and long hair , in a circle. i like to draw girl and long hairs dancing in the air ,,, for this one i used more amount of black ink .



why i do ink works for my Dtube videos , well i think it is the best way for me to create videos , every one have a different way ! someone talk about his thought ! somebody show nature and places he visit ! and somebody like me paint !
i will continue this way which i like it a lot .
, i hope you enjoy watching my video.

MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

Thanks & have a great day !

#cannabis #drawing


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Your art is cool and your videos look very professional . How do you find Dtube .? I create video art ,but Dtube has problems( i.e....takes %25 of your steem !,)steemit is also having problems btw....


thank you so much Xen, :) ,, but what is the problem with Steem or Dtube ? yes it takes steem but it also support videos in a good way