original drawing, cannabis series , ink on paper

4 months ago

Drawing with ink on paper

is ready to share
hello smoke friends , here is my new drawing's pictures , i will share the video tutorial when i upload it in youtube as well , ,this time i draw a boy with his cannabis , trying to do something with his strings .maybe they are sun beams .



MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

i am doing some illustrations for my circle's series , it is a long time and still i am working on it , i have no idea when i will stop it , mostly i draw with ink brush and rapid . and sometimes i add the a background to my works .
i draw almost everyday and sometimes record videos for my Dtube channel.

MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

Thanks & have a great day !

#cannabis #drawing


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You could make a Frisbee range with all these circular designs!


that could be interesting! but where i live there is no Frisbee players much ..
lately i started to draw them on pottery , clay plates


i took it for thumbnail of a video :D Snapchat-860805061.jpg