hard moments , original drawing with ink

10 months ago

drawing with ink on paper

hello smoke friends , finished this work and it is ready to share, i draw some cannabis tattoo for her body .

she is looks like me right now surrounded with many thoughts ! negative thoughts ! and i'm trying to push myself into positive ones , it is hard sometimes ..



took some pictures of screenshots

Screenshot (803).png

Screenshot (804).png

Screenshot (805).png

Screenshot (806).png

Screenshot (807).png

Screenshot (808).png

#drawing #cannabis

thanks for your support


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From the thumbnail I thought the waist ribbons were her legs, powerful splits haha


eheheh 180' ? 😂 she would look weird that way


yeah lol

Your drawing have a deep and spiritual message. I always want to see your illustration. Following and thanks for this.


hi ! @oliwastoner , i'm happy to hear it , and thank you very much :) , followed you also

This is a really beautiful drawing :)


thank you @gingerninja ! :-)