flower girl with the new background

5 months ago

flower girl ink on paper

hi everyone , i add a new background to another work here, flower girl now is in brown , add some cannabis beside her ,she is a fairy lives in the flowers
i upload the black and white version also , and a picture of me while working on this illustration,




MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

i am doing some illustrations for my circle's series , it is a long time and still i am working on it , i have no idea when i will stop it , mostly i draw with ink brush and rapid . and sometimes i add the a background to my works .
i draw almost everyday and sometimes record videos .

MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

Thanks for your support

#cannabis #drawing


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Woww. Amazing

awesome work

Why does she seem a bit frightened? Lovely style, we know it was mentioned before,but

Repetitio est mater studiorum

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It's lovely

such a nice drawing !!!

Well done, this kind of reminds me of a lithograph!!

Wow, it looks really fantastic!! Congratulations :)

Very seductive

You have such a beautiful talent. this is so nice work

I love your artwork!