colored version of my drawing - girl and cannabis series

last year

colored version of my drawing - girl and cannabis series

today colored this drawing in purple and green !
going with this project of coloring my circles

i upload them in my makersplace store which is a great place to buy and sell digital art , you can find my store at the end of this post i add the link .
for this one i chose some warm colors ,will have other editions of it in future .


took a picture while working
actually a picture right after the video


MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

Thanks & have a great day !

you can purchase my digital works and GIF art on makersplace for your collection - work with ETH




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Trippy looking clothes, I like how prominent the cannabis plants are, have you tries drawing cannabis plants more intricately?


thank you so much Indica, more intricately? like doodle art?
yes Sure i will try to draw some about Cannabis leaves :)


Just like slightly more detailed, some buds and big Colas 👍

  ·  last year

Actually ,i've noticed the plants in your post don't look very defined as cannabis leaves .Is this a cencorship issue ?


they are some magical strain :))) i thought they look better in this way ,
as Indica suggested , i will change something for cannabis leaves in future soon

  ·  last year

Btw....this isn't a i really like your art ....just wondering...: )