Best Cannabis-Related Apps

6 months ago

With the landscape growing and always more cannabis-related businesses, the tech landscape has gradually grown in recent years too. In this post we look at the best cannabis-related mobile apps for 2019.


Releaf app is an app for cannabis consumers who wish to track their use, as well as the effect of the strain they consumed. The main focus of the app is on medical users but the app can of course be used by any cannabis lover.


Releaf has agreements with dispensaries in several medical states and the app ends patient data back to the dispensary so the store can serve the user better by recommending more appropriate strains, learning from the previous use records.

Releaf app is freely available for both iOS and Android.


Weedmaps needs not be introduced to the cannasseur, especially not to those living in the northern Americas.

Weedmaps is the handy app which helps you find nearby dispensaries since 2008.

Weedmaps isn’t just for dispensaries, it also helps finding doctors and delivery services in the area. It even has a social network integrated and an own TV channel. And, of course, advanced search features.

Weedmaps is available for both iOS and Android. Weedmaps is free. is a blockchain-based social network for cannabis lovers. The platform is censor-resilient and even allows contributors to earn from the content they post to the Smoke blockchain.

Members can earn from both posting and commenting, and also from upsmoking [liking] contributions on the platform.

The Smoke platform is not yet 6 months old but already has thousands of daily visitors and a hard core cannabis loving community which loves rewarding participants. The platform recently launched its Android app.

Members are rewarded in SMOKE tokens, a cryptocurrency. SMOKE is traded on decentralized exchanges currently.

The app is available for free for Android. An iOS app is being made and will be submitted to Apple shortly, as per Smoke’s team.


Jane is a mobile assistant for growers. The app allows you to get schedules, and reminders, to keep track of your grow.


Jane is mostly for less experienced growers as the app creates the plan, and reminders, as required based on the seed and environment. Jane keeps a growlog, which can also be shared to its community.

Jane is available for free for Android.


Eaze is often called the “Uber for cannabis”. The platform allows you to do pretty much exactly that: you place an order, little later your delivery arrives and you can even track it.

With Eaze you can order flowers, edibles, cartridges, and extracts.

Eaze also offers services for medical users, even assistance in obtaining a medical cards. Drivers can apply to become a delivery driver.

Despite the comparison with Uber, Eaze is not 24/7 open.

The Eaze app is available both for iOS and Android. Not that the Eaze app is only available for users in the US.


Leafly is one of the most comprehensive sources when it comes to cannabis information.

The platform is well-known both as a news source, as well as directory of strains and dispensaries.

Users can review both strains and dispensaries. The app provides great info about the medical properties of each strain.

Leafly is one of the most popular sources for cannabis information and has thousands of daily visitors and users.

Leafly is available both for iOS and Android


Of course, in the mobile era no apps list would be complete without games. And the cannabis games scene is one for idle clicker lovers. Below we’ve included the mobile cannabis games we’re addicted to like most.

High Day 420


High Day 420 is the archetype idle clicker for cannabis. You grow your pot, you sell the pot. All with the timer, compulsory dopamine kicks from notifications and a healthy achievement curve before you hit the wall of in-app purchases ruining the fun.

Like most idle clickers it tends to become a little boring after some days of intensive playing but that’ nothing which ever happened to us. Gotta admit that Cheese OG is excellent tho. 👌

High Day 420 is available both for iOS and Android


Hempire is the mobile mix of cannabis idle clicker and GTA. The idle clicker element is made less boring thanks to additional tasks.

Hempire excels in graphic design and pop culture references. At times we did find Hempire to be slightly too cluttered in graphics though and even on a 6.3 screen it because regularly annoying to tap exactly the right thing.

At the same time, the F2P experience didn;t last as long as we would have wished. Yet Hempire is an excellent game for stoners who love their idle clickers slightly more sophisticated.

Hempire is available for both iOS and Android

There are more games, and new games are constantly being released for both app stores, but while we were busy playing rather than writing none did attract and occupy us as much as High Day 420 and Hempire.

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