Can Animals Get High, And Should They?

7 months ago

Smoke sessions with your friends are plenty of fun. There’s plenty of laughter and shared memories. The feeling of being high is absolutely incredible.

How about sharing a joint with your furry buddy?

They’d probably enjoy it. You do everything else together. . .

What about random animals out in the wild, what are they doing for fun?

Can animals even feel the effects of weed? You’d be quite surprised.

Photo by Bill Jones, Jr. on Unsplash

Can Animals Get High?

In the wild, there are some animal species that are just like us, looking to get just a little high.

Elephants reportedly have destroyed villages on drunken stampedes. How did they get drunk? They stole liquor.

Locoweed, a mind-altering drug, is a favorite for horses and it is extremely addictive.

Shrooms are the party starter of choice for reindeer. The reindeer also realized that the urine of someone who has ingested shrooms, can get them high and they will resort to drinking it.

In South America, capuchin monkeys rub poisonous insects on their bodies to feel the intoxicating effects.

Madgascar’s lemurs have also learned how to get high off of insects.

Dolphins chew on and pass around pufferfish to get high (sounds kind of familiar).

Your secondhand smoke can get your dog high. Ingesting the weed, the pot brownies or even the leaves of the marijuana plant will get your dog to cloud nine.

Cats can also get high from weed. However, it is not good for them and can lead to serious injury.

So, yes. Animals can get high. Also, it isn’t exactly illegal to get a pet high.

Now that you know, what will you do with this new information?

Should Animals Get High?

The biggest question you probably still have is: should animals get high? Yes and no.

Animals that are in the wild finding mind altering drugs are free to do as they please. They are doing this on their own terms, for their own personal enjoyment.

It’s their wild animal body, their choice.

You should never under any circumstances force your pet to get high. They can not consent to the experience.

For species that do not typically do these activities on their own, this can be extremely traumatizing for them. Your pet will not understand the effects that are happening to their body.

Do not put your loving pet in to harm’s way. Do not have your pet in a mind-altering state that they aren’t capable of understanding.

Your pet does not have the same tolerance level for substances as you. They will be disoriented and distressed after you have forced them to get high. This can lead to injury, seizures, respiratory failure or death, unfortunately.

Smaller animals have a higher risk of death if they ingest weed due to their size and the levels of THC in the products. Keep your domestic pets away from your drugs!

If you suspect that your four-legged friend has accidentally gotten into your stash take them to the vet immediately.

The wild animals, however, can party on.

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"Do not have your pet in a mind-altering state that they aren’t capable of understanding"..... Lol. This part got me.

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I've seen some videos of animals getting high. My opinion is also it's their body they decide haha.

How would you even know they were stoned? Wouldn't they just go to sleep! Or maybe they would steal your munchies, Lol, thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)

Sure, it feel the effects of weed and get high but I believe the effects is more bigger if the animal have small body like cat and dog..

Thanks for great content..

Let them decide. Majority's decision. If most of these animals vote for it then they should be allowed to smoke and facilitated to smoke. Democracy should rule :D

i dont know what to say about this situation... how would you know a pet was stoned?maybe resting only >>> lol!!

Perhaps, like human they get high too...