Meet Afiabot :- our first smokey notification bot on the smoke blockchain( features and importance)

8 months ago

Hello stoners, I welcome you to my blog today.

Am very happy we have finally gotten a notification bot(automated service that gives instant notifications on your activities on smoke) actually "afiabot" was imported from whaleshares by the developer @blackman for our benefits here on smoke.
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@afia bot is an instant notification service which enables you to know everything happening in the smoke community. For steemit user who are familiar with ginabot i think this will be a good news for them. For those still new to the crypto blogging space please go and download discord, because this bot is embedded on discord. So if you don't have Discord yet, do well to download it from Google Playstore.

Notificaton Services That afia bot gives You.


You get to know when someone mentions your name and you can track it to see for what reason. And if it's something that requires an immediate response from you, you'd do it without missing out

New Posts from favourite authors:- You get notified when your favourite author makes a post, you can be among the first persons to smoke and comment. This gives you visibility to your favourite authors and can create some form of friendship.

Comments :-

the bot signifys you when there is a comment on your post check image


You get to know when you have new followers so that you won’t miss the chance to know your followers, and return the kind gesture by following back if you think its worth it.


the bot is still at its early stage, more features would been added as things Stabilizes

How to get started

Join the Afia's discord server :

Once you join, Afia will send you a welcome message with a secret link to customize your settings.

Click on the link, this will take you to your special settings page.

For setup, click on the Smoke Tab, complete your settings and save it. Then you are good to go.

Support the developers of this bot by giving them your witness votes,
Vote "@blackman @smokeafrica",

@skylinebuds @murda-ra
and others as witneses here

remember no witnesses no smoke blockchain.


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Awesome .. AfiaBot all the way


@blackman, thanks for your awesome contributions to the growth of this community

Looking forward to checking this out!


Do well to check it out, it makes things more easier for you

Now I can track all my activities easily


Of course, its fast and smart


You can say that again

Thank you for this info.
Did not even know that there is something on Steemit.
There are many good tips here.
beautiful :-)


You are welcome


thank you

Love this! I was actually thinking exactly about this and boom! Here it is lol


Lol, do well to check it out

Killer. I gotta resmoke that one!



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Wow, thanks