Don't smoke and play ball

2 years ago

Or you'll break ya nose and look like crap :(

I was hitting a joint and my friends decided to hit the court. Ten minutes later I was lying on the floor with my nose bleeding.

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I think the guy in the background has a thing for you.


Every guy in the back does, I wish it was the same with the ladies in the front :(


Or he was just trying to photobomb him


Lol epic photobomb. That's rough though, get well anomadsoul.



LOL que feísimo te dejaron porretaaaaaaa 😂😂😂


Te calmas? Estoy muy susceptible :((( jajaja

lol you definitely look like crap haha, heal up before I see you in Krakow ;)


Rofl thanks for the crude reality :P


hehe :) Anytime

I once ran into a classmate in gym class (well, she applepeared in front of me out of nowhere). My nose looked like a rainbow for a couple of days.

wait, wth, phone? Appeared*


Hahaha with phone!
Oh, you should've seen me in gym class :P

Poor noise. Well soon and enjoy smoke :)

Oh Woah

Sorry about that

@anomadsoul great to meet you at this platform

Be careful dear sir.
God bless you.

Danggg dude, smoke another and you'll feel alittle better :)
Get well soon @anomadsoul!

Gotta keep one eye on the ball and one eye on the joint.

Just as we are not expected to drink and drive, we are not expected to smoke and play as well... Lol, sorry about the nose